Last Thursday night Swinford BC held it’s first all exhibition show of the 2012-13 season. Boxers travelled from Ballinrobe and Ballina to take part. A great night was had by all and numerous boxers made their debuts for the club. Everyone impressed and feedback from the the large crowd in attendance was extremely positive. See photos from the event in our gallery.

Full round-up of exhibitions as follows:

1 Jason Butler Ballinrobe BC + Sean McDonagh Swinford BC
2 Billy Stephens Ballina BC + Saoirse Breen Swinford BC
3 Conor O’Brien Ballinrobe BC + Sean Moyles Ballina BC
4 Aoife Heraty Ballinrobe BC + Erin McHugh Swinford BC
5 Evan Heraty Ballinrobe BC + Dylan Toner Swinford BC
6 Patrick Fury Ballinrobe BC + Aidan Breen Swinford BC
7 Padraig Joyce Ballinrobe BC + Sean McSharry Swinford BC
8 Paul Jones Ballinrobe BC + Peter Bredigan Swinford BC
9 Darragh Feerick Ballinrobe BC + Shane McHugh Swinford BC
10 David Hession Ballinrobe BC + David Gallagher Swinford BC
11 Aiesha McNicholas Ballinrobe BC + Aoife Bredigan Swinford BC
12 Mikey Crowe Ballinrobe BC + Liam McSharry Swinford BC