Boxing Club Training



In a friendly, welcoming environment, Swinford Boxing Club caters for enthusiasts of all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes. If you want to develop your fitness levels and work out in a disciplined, unique and motivating environment, well then our club is for you!

Boxing, and it’s related training is one of the most demanding sporting disciplines in existance. It offers participants of all standards the opportunity to increase aerobic fitness and strength, to compete if desired and achieve weight loss if that’s what you want to do.

At Swinford Boxing Club we provide boxing and fitness training for males and females from underage to senior level. Whether you want to try out boxing as a sport, gain boxing skills or want to keep fit, boxing training provides you with a full body workout that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Train like a boxer without getting hit! If physical contact is not your thing – that’s not a problem. A fantastic stress reliever and a great mental work out boxing training is now a hugely popular physical and mental fitness regime.

Train for Olympic gold! If the physical contact appeals to you, then your boxing club needs you! Our highly qualified and experienced coaches will work with you on your journey to the best you can be.

Our club is a members only pay as you go each night and only €3 per session. Everybody is welcome to become a member (based on capacity). Contact our club today @