Membership Info / Conditions

Membership of Swinford Boxing Club is subject to availability of places. Please contact the Club Executive if you wish to apply for membership by entering your details on the “Contact” page of this website.

Swinford Boxing – Club Code of Conduct
This code of conduct is intended to ensure self-discipline and respect towards oneself and others. The following code of conduct applies to all members.

• Dress, Language and Conduct must be exemplary at all times

• Each member will strictly obey the instructions of the instructors at all times

• Junior members must not absence themselves from the club premises without permission from a Coach

• All Coaches are Garda Vetted. Only those Garda vetted specifically for the purposes of amateur boxing may be present on the gym floor during club training.


Swinford Boxing Club – Conditions of Membership for those who wish to Compete

A Gum shield shall be worn at all times during Training, Sparring and Competition and therefore each participant must have her / his own Gumshield. A Gumshield can be purchased at most sporting goods outlets and need not cost any more than 5 euros. (In the case of a participant wearing an Orthodontic brace, they must wear their own personally form-fitted gum shield. Ask your Orthodontist for details)

Bandaging not longer than 2.5 metres (8feet) and 5.7 cm (2 and a quarter inches) wide on each hand must be worn by each participant on each hand at all times. The club recommends Medical grade bandaging which can be purchased at any chemist and need not cost any more than 5 euros.

Every boxer is required to have a Personal Record Book/Card that she / he must produce for inspection prior to a contest by the Tournament Inspector. Medical Record Cards can only be issued by the Provincial Medical Registrar. A fully completed Medical Examination Form signed and stamped by your GP/ Doctor who performs the Medical Examination, must be returned to the Club within one month of joining. Applicants original Birth Certificate (Not Baptismal) and two passport photographs must accompany this form. In the case of non nationals a Passport will suffice in lieu of a Birth Certificate.

All competing members are expected to present themselves for training at the agreed times and in courtesy notify a coach of potential absences. The coaches give of their time and effort voluntarily and in return this courtesy is appreciated.