Yesterday saw six Swinford Boxing Club stars of the future take to the ring in Westport. In Westport’s first all-female show, sister duos Grace and Molly Rowley and Erin and Serena McHugh togged out alongside Danielle Brennan and Amanda Walsh.

In her debut exhibition although you wouldn’t have believed it, Grace Rowley was the more aggressive boxer landing good jabs throughout. A good performance from Grace and a great start out to her career in the Swinford colours.

The more experienced Erin McHugh showed the skills she has learned over the past year, missing her opponent’s jab and stepping in with solid right hands. It was nip and tuck throughout in a well matched exhibition.

The aggressive Danielle Brennan didn’t need much encouragement to push forward. Taking the initiative from the outset and dominating with straight punches from both hands, Danielle’s opponent had more than enough on hers!

Molly Rowley had the crowd talking after her second exhibition in the Swinford jersey. In with a tall and aggressive opponent Molly quickly worked out the Westport boxer’s style and countered effectively throughout round one. A couple of heavy right hands from Molly at the start of round two set the tone for the remainder of the contest, with Molly bringing the exhibition home with an effective jab.

After the exhibitions the first contest of the evening saw Serena McHugh taking on the reigning Irish Champion Megan Sweeney of St Annes Westport. From the bell Serena was determined to keep Sweeney under pressure. A point up after round one, Serena continued where she left off in round two and with a huge effort in round three, caused the shock of the evening by taking the decision unanimously. Delighted afterwards Serena was presented with a beautiful cased medal to commemorate the win.

Amanda Walsh was our last boxer of the day. Amanda was in with the experienced Emma Maxwell and in round one it looked like Maxwell was going to dominate this one, but Amanda hadn’t shown her full hand. After a very slow first round which Maxwell dominated, Amanda put the foot down to win rounds two and three. Unfortunately the gap from round one was one solitary point to large to make up and Amanda dropped a majority decision on that one point. However it was another solid performance from the quickly improving Amanda.

All in all it was another great day for the club, with two debuts and six great performances, and a victory over an Irish Champion in the process. It’s testament to the work and planning that is being put into the young boxers of the future and indeed the club all round.